General Questions

What is RED?

RED is a public charity nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. RED engineers rehabilitation programs for pre and post adjudication first-time, nonviolent, youthful offenders. RED rehabilitative programs enhance the employment potential of individuals with a criminal record while emphasizing the safekeeping of our communities.

Why Flag Football?

Flag football fosters teamwork. The tournament brings our community together to raise awareness on the effects of recidivism. Participation provides hope of a bright future to program graduates. RED rewards program participants by sponsoring their participation in the tournament.

What are some of the programs this fundraiser supports?

Reading, financial and civic literacy programs. GED courses and examinations, mentoring and more in addition to the RED Flag Football Tournament.

Volunteer Questions

What do you need help with?

RED needs as many volunteers as possible the day of the tournament! We have a number of tasks we are seeking volunteers to fill. An example of these areas are – front door greeter, concessions, half time games coordinator, parking attendant, etc. If you would like to volunteer, click here.

Can I volunteer even if I can't make it to the tournament?

Yes, there are opportunities to volunteer even if you cannot make it to the tournament. RED relies on sponsors to make this event possible. Any and all sponsorships are greatly appreciated! If you would like to sponsor, or help seek out potential sponsors, this is the greatest way to volunteer if you are not able to attend. If you would like more info, email

Sponsor Questions

What are the different tiers of sponsorship and what do they consists of?

We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsoring the RED Flag Football Tournament. To download the sponsorship packet, click here.

As a sponsor, do I get tickets to the event?

The tournament is open to the public. Feel free to show up and support your favorite team.

Will you tell me where my sponsorship dollars are going?

Yes. Sponsorship dollars are used to fund anti-recidivism research and rehabilitation program curriculum development and implementation.

Do you accept in-kind donations for a sponsorship position?

Yes. To discuss this further, please email

Day of Event Questions

What is the event schedule?

To download the day of event schedule, click here.

Donation Questions

What does my donation go towards?

All donations are used to fund (1) anti-recidivism research, (2) the development of rehabilitation program curriculums, and (3) the anti-recidivism awareness fundraiser, RED Flag Football Tournament.

Can I donate to the RED programs directly?

Of course! You can learn more about the programs and donate on the Donation page. Thank you in advance!

Will donations to teams reflect automatically?

No, your donation will reflect the following day. You will receive a donation receipt from PayPal as confirmation that the donation was successful. Thank you for your support!

Team Questions

How do I create a team for the tournament?

Registration for teams has officially closed. We have reached our capacity of 16-teams. If you wish to register a team for next year’s tournament, please contact us and let us know.

I am on a team but have not signed up. How do I get registered for the event?

That is easy. Make sure to write in your team name when registering. Click here.

We participated in a previous tournament. Do we still need to register?

Yes. All teams must register each year.

When should we arrive the morning of the tournament?

Team registration begins at 8 AM the day of the tournament. All players should arrive at the tournament venue around 7:30 AM. For the day of event schedule, click here.

What should we bring with us to the tournament?

RED will provide all player jerseys, flags and game footballs. All other equipment is the sole responsibility of each team / player. For equipment information and tournament rules, click here.