Kicking Grass

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You can help us #stoprecidivism by donating to Kicking Grass and joining us on Saturday November 4th 2017 at...
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The Network

100% Donated/$0 To Go
We are a group of friends ready to play ball! You can help us #stoprecidivism by donating to the...
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Brand Mortgage

42% Donated/$2,008 To Go
BrandMortgage is about far more than being a trusted full-service lender that offers a suite of mortgage financing options...
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Personal Foul

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Personal Foul is taking it the distance this year! You can help us #stoprecidivism by donating to Personal Foul...
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Emory Eagles

16% Donated/$2,930 To Go
My team is an exclusive roster of Emory Law students. I decided to participate in the RED Flag Football...
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Freedom Barber Co

16% Donated/$2,920 To Go
Freedom Barber Co is a team made up of Barbers, friends, family and community leaders ready for some fun...
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Atlanta Tech Village

27% Donated/$2,528 To Go
The Atlanta Tech Village team is made up of members of the awesome Atlanta Tech Village community! You can help...
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Cornerstone Church

54% Donated/$1,580 To Go
Cornerstone Church in Anniston Al strives to inspire people & help us all find purpose! You can help us #stoprecidivism...
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Northwestern Mutual Mayhem

100% Donated/$0 To Go
The Northwestern Mutual Mayhem, 2016 Red Flag Football Champs, return to the field of battle to once again strike...
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32% Donated/$2,360 To Go
You can help us #stoprecidivism by donating to AJMLS & joining us on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at KSU...
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52% Donated/$1,675 To Go
Team consists largely of SunTrust bankers. Looking forward to supporting the community. You can help us #stoprecidivism by donating to...
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Justice League

85% Donated/$500 To Go
DeKalb’s Justice and Law Enforcement community, led by members of District Attorney Sherry Boston’s Office. The DeKalb County District...
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